Ten Words With Friends Moves If You Have an M, C, and H

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1. Mooch, v. to beg or scrounge shamelessly; also, to lose a job, marriage, and dignity in a short period of time.

2. Mitch, n., man-bitch; v., to rigidly tighten one’s face muscles rendering speech impossible. “He mitched as he stalked out the building.”

3. Mensch, n., a good person; in this administration, not found

4. March, v. to walk purposefully, often in protest; as in Women’s; n., a springtime month that in 2018 should be well into impeachment proceedings

5. Munch, v. to chew loudly and smack one’s lips, see: chocolate cake

6. Hunch, v. to hold one’s shoulders defiantly, the position one takes when accosted by reporters; n. educated guess that those shoulders are hiding a LOT

7. Paunch, n. a protruding, unsightly stomach that rivals the tush area in growth spurting

8. Pitch, v. make a bid to obtain business. “Jared pitched a business plan to several Russian emigres.” Noun, the register of a voice. “Jared’s pitch is reminiscent of a prepubescent boy talking back to his mother.”

9. Macho, adj., aggressively proud of one’s masculinity, found particularly in men with tiny hands

10. Punch, v., to strike, a preferred method of solving conflict; n., to be highly pleased. “Mooch was pleased as punch to fire that cock-sucking psychopathic leaker, Priebus.” Also, sucker-punch. “Priebus had the last laugh when Mooch was sucker-punched out of a job.”



Helene Cohen Bludman

Author: Helene Cohen Bludman

Helene Cohen Bludman is a freelance writer and frequent laugher. She waxes rhapsodic about books on her blog, Books is Wonderful.

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