A Selection of Remembrances and Farewells to The Mooch From r/The_Donald

Anthony Scaramucci

As we bid The Mooch ado, here’s what the fine and upstanding human beings on reddit.com/r/The_Donald have to say:

“He’s like a Rockstar that released one amazing album and then OD’d. The music will live on.” – TibetanSkyFuneral

“A star that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” – archmcd

“Ugh just when we were falling in love with him” – aglitters

“Thank you for your brief service Mr Mooch! Thank you for flushing leakers. And thank you for one of my favorite Pressers. I hope others take that swag example you gave on how to ice the enemy media.” – Zantom

“F]uck I’m gonna miss him” – Shadilaylaylay

“The brightest flame burns quickest” – CyriusBloodbane

“Where do we sign up for his fan club?” – jgardner


“Hope President Trump finds a way to keep him around. I have a feeling we need this guy.” – lurkwellmyfriends

“I wish I burned this bright in my Father’s eyes.” – thebarrontrump

“I really liked him. Not going to question these types of decisions though.” – Zechi




Amy West

Author: Amy West

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