Wow! This Woman’s Boss Made a Pass at Her, So She Transported Herself to the Land of Space Elves


Woman Working in Outer Space

Brace yourself for a story that could lead to the sweeping overthrow of the patriarchy!

Being a successful professional woman is no walk in the park. This local 26-year old, Mary Karpow, had already seen her female superiors getting paid less compared to their male counterparts, passed up for promotions and so on and so forth. So late last week, when her boss made a pass at her, she decided to take a stand for all womankind and magically transported herself to the land of space elves.

You go girl!

Sure, she could have gone to human resources and explained the issue, only at the small cost of some more stress and anxiety. But instead, in a completely innovative and awe-inspiring moment of strong feminist decision-making, Mary closed her eyes real hard and just moved to this mystical new land. In the process, she pretty much revolutionized the way women deal with workplace sexism.

We think this act of bravery will set an example for young women everywhere. It will help them fearlessly enter the usually male-dominated workforce and escape it the moment things go wrong, because let’s face it, things go wrong more often than not.

And as if this courageous behavior wasn’t enough, Mary even chimed in from her cryptic new abode to give the women of Earth more insight. She understood that a fantastical journey into the cosmos to find a place occupied by tiny creatures with pointy ears might not be up everyone’s alley, so she suggested some other possible routes like, “opening that mysterious closet in the back of your grandma’s house, and moving to Narnia,” or “trying to walk straight through the solid barrier between platforms 9 and 10 at King’s Cross Station, and you could find yourself aboard the Hogwarts Express.” The possibilities are honestly boundless.

Go girl power!



Fragnance Conchord

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