How You Found Robot Butt: June 2017 Edition

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The Robot Butt audience, perhaps fueled by the summer solstice, was an intensely curious bunch in June. The Google search terms used to find the site last month spanned a wide range of subjects; from the human meat in McDonald’s food to Hitler’s dog, each search term was more thrilling than the last. As you know, we love to honor the inquisitive minds of our audience, so here we present to you an unedited list of those search terms used to find the site in June:

  • adult comics hot cow milking images
  • bum with penis hot pic
  • can robot play lotteries
  • what makes him go crazy during coitus
  • where is mike going to hold his birthday party
  • is lebron james human
  • make her puke
  • lot of dildos
  • trump revokes turkey pardon
  • dick in the bed
  • spicy boobs
  • ross and monica incest
  • friends theory rachel dead the whole time
  • good looking gorilla shabani
  • aging emoji
  • naked mailman
  • human meat in mcdonald’s
  • sexting with a robot
  • how to act like wonder woman
  • does trump have a food taster
  • biggest boner ever
  • masturbation robot
  • creampie robot
  • trump university majors
  • dude butt nipples
  • hitler with his dog
  • hot pic that can raise penis
  • how dog poop should look
  • john rambo bulge
  • lebron james is a robot
  • penis meeting
  • the mcrib is human meat
  • were to touch a guy to enable his dick to stand
  • disney princess poop
  • trump turkey pardon



Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

Steve is an editor for Robot Butt. You can follow him on Twitter @steve_dimatteo.

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