Octogenarian Model Seeks to Branch Out From Hospice Care Ads

Old Woman

NAPLES, Fla. – After modeling several years for hospice and palliative care ads, local woman Myrtle Fescott, 81, stated she would like to expand her career, sources reported yesterday. “I paid for headshots at the suggestion of my granddaughter, who tells me I look young,” the striking senior said, “but a lot of my work doesn’t show my face at all. Typically it’s my hands that are featured in close-ups, overlapping the hands of younger folks.”

Fescott’s portfolio includes many photographs of her reading a book in bed, smiling contentedly in a wheelchair while receiving hugs, and lying down with her eyes closed surrounded by people of different generations. “I’ve actually maintained a very trim waistline, but I never get to show it off. It’s always covered by a double layer of blankets in the images.” At press time, Fescott, pointing out she’s not dead yet, said she’d love to find some sexier work in a nice ad for gardening tools, a walk-in tub commercial, or maybe even a commercial for ED drugs.



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