Local Dentist Launches ‘White Pride’ Dental Hygiene Program for Students


TOPEKA, Kan. – Kyle K. Kaufmann, D.D.S. has been a proud part of the Topeka community since 1993, providing affordable services and procedures such as braces, crowns, “power white” cleanings, and bleach whitening. Dr. Kaufman, who boasts the slogan “White is Right…for Your Teeth!” has devoted his career and his practice to helping the community achieve and maintain “superior whiteness.”

And now, to prevent plaque from taking over his quaint, suburban neighborhood, Dr. Kaufman is spearheading a campaign aimed at elementary school-age children called the “White Pride Program” to teach kids about dental hygiene in a way that is both fun and engaging.

“It can be kind of a boring thing for kids to learn about,” Dr. Kaufman tells us, “but if you give them characters and use puppets, like Whitey and the Plaque People, it makes taking care of your teeth a lot more fun.”

Dr. Kaufman will be visiting each classroom once a week during the fall quarter. Students will be given homework they can complete what their families for stickers towards prizes, including a bonfire for program graduates.

According to Dr. Kaufman, “we need to come together as a community to keep the plaque out of our schools so our children can grow up with a whiter, brighter future.”



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Author: Robot Butt News Corp.

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