Nice Nolan Ya, Episode 4: ‘Batman Begins’

Batman Begins

In 2005, Christopher Nolan completed his transformation into a director of big-budget spectaculars with Batman Begins. Ali, Alex and Gautham (no relation to the city) talk about the gritty realism and psychological detail it takes to envision a man trained by Himalayan ninja assassins to dress up like a bat and punch crime in the face. Is there any humor to be had here, or is the movie as rough and grim as Christian Bale’s Batman rasp? What elements of the character’s nearly eighty-year mythology does Nolan mine for this origin story?

Find out in the latest episode of Nice Nolan Ya below!


Alex Lubetkin

Author: Alex Lubetkin

Sorry if this wasn't funny. Elsewhere, I edit video. @ayjax90.

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