Mike Pence Brainstorming on How to Prevent Abortions

Mike Pence at Desk

Tattoo a big red ‘A’ on women who have an abortion

Make women’s health care more available and affordable

Make it so that you have to cross a state border to get an abortion

Create a program for gay couples to adopt children

Ensure students receive comprehensive sex education to prevent unwanted pregnancies

Change public opinion by publishing your book, The Little Baby That Couldn’t

Legally require insurers to cover all forms of contraception

Cough really loud whenever Elizabeth Warren talks so people can’t hear her

Establish strong federal welfare programs for mothers and their children

In addition to forcing women to hold a funeral for an aborted fetus, make them hold a second ceremony for their soul

Make it 1950 again

Prevent insurers from considering pregnancy to be a pre-existing condition

Introduce a nine-month waiting period!!!!!!



Dylan Coakley

Author: Dylan Coakley

Dylan Coakley is a standup comedian based out of Columbus, GA. He consistently brings people to the verge of laughter. Follow him on Twitter @archduke_coker.

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