Nice Nolan Ya, Episode 1: ‘Following’

Following Movie

Christopher Nolan is prolific…but is he good? Welcome to Nice Nolan Ya, the podcast where we discuss the works of the famed British-American director. In the podcast, our three hosts – Ali, Gautham and Alex – will take a retroactive, movie-by-movie look at Nolan’s filmography, from Following to Interstellar and, eventually, Dunkirk, all the while trying to determine how, exactly, Nolan should be considered. Is he the best big-budget filmmaker since Stanley Kubrick? Or is he a mediocre director overrated by some seminal pop culture moments? Listen to find out!

Alex, Ali and Gautham kick off the series with a look at Nolan’s 1998 neo-noir, Following. Shot for a shoe-string $6,000 budget and filmed on weekends over the course of a year, Nolan’s first effort would set him up for the massive success of Memento two years later. Is this gritty, non-linear black-and-white chronicle of voyeurism and obsession a worthy watch?

Alex Lubetkin

Author: Alex Lubetkin

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