The Pope Roasted Donald Trump With a Fat Joke

Trump Pope

President Donald Trump is in the middle of his first Big Boy Trip, and Wednesday he was in the Vatican doing his best to appear interested in meeting the Pope. Much to everyone’s relief, it’s going extremely well. Not just because Trump isn’t embarrassing himself, but because Pope Francis went out on a limb and told Melania Trump a fat joke about her husband.

After finally meeting the new president in person and getting a glimpse at his frame, the byproduct of a lifetime of no exercise and an addiction to fast food and candy, Pope Francis asked the First Lady what she fed her husband. “Potica?” he asked.

Melania Trump nodded, smiled and repeated the word. Maybe she was just being polite, maybe she didn’t quite understand the Argentinian Pope – who was trying to connect with the Slovenian FLOTUS by talking about a sugary, fatty dessert from her country – but whatever it was, it’s extremely easy to believe that Trump could be downing those nut-filled cakes all by himself on a nightly basis, and apparently the Pope thinks so too. And it’s extremely easy to believe that Trump fills himself up on sugar to try to restore what he believes is the body’s finite amount of energy, a belief rooted nowhere in science and we as a nation are now forced to talk about.

And while we can all wonder what the actual intention was, it sure seems pretty cut and dry that the Pope took one look at the president’s body and knew he had to roast him.



Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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