How You Found Robot Butt: March 2017 Edition

Excited at Computer

The quest for knowledge is never-ending. It is arduous, and full of obstacles, and it should always be celebrated. With that in mind, here is an unedited list of some of the best terms used to find Robot Butt in March:

  • pizza eating itself
  • april o’neil butt
  • will god punish erections
  • robot ted cruz for president
  • urinal spy
  • is trump a time traveler
  • businessman butt
  • national devil day
  • what fruit are fuckable
  • human remains in mcdonalds
  • how to start going shirtless
  • playboy butt issue
  • keep eostre in easter
  • elon musk satanist
  • worst ham
  • feed girlfriend
  • i want to see the real picture of devil
  • milk penis bizarre porn
  • philip seymour hoffman steve bannon
  • sylvester stallone bulge



Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

Steve is an editor for Robot Butt. You can follow him on Twitter @steve_dimatteo.

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