Nation Falls in Love With War Criminal All Over Again

Bush War Criminal

WASHINGTON – War criminals and torture advocates tend to recede from public view after leaving office, but in recent weeks President George W. Bush has returned to the national stage and America is falling in love with him all over again.

The former president, responsible for a useless $2 trillion war, the Wall Street deregulation that led to the Great Recession, and notable supporter of a Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, has been winning hearts and minds around the nation as he plugs his latest book on talk shows and drive-time Bush Ellenradio programs.

And it’s not just Republicans that are happy to see him making the rounds again.

Barack Obama supporter and Hillary Clinton voter Jane Greene says she’s just thrilled to have him back, “especially now that he seems more like a friendly old man, and not the power-hungry, lying politician that stole the 2000 election, failed to manage relief after Hurricane Katrina and sacrificed citizens’ privacy with the institution of the Patriot Act.”

“And at least he’s not Trump,” she added.

This isn’t the first time a war criminal has become America’s Sweetheart. Henry Kissinger, infamous architect of the 1970’s Cambodian bombing campaign, is mostly remembered today for his cuddly, approachable appearance and silly voice.

Bush’s return to the national spotlight comes as President Donald Trump’s new administration honors the 43rd president’s legacy by continuing to erode civil liberties and further deregulate Wall Street. But, like the politicians before him, even Trump is reportedly looking forward to a future where he’s remembered as “a heck of a lot better than the death camps guy.”



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