Jason Chaffetz Has the Groin of a Ken Doll

Jason Chaffetz

Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz is having himself a banner couple of weeks. First, the House Oversight Committee Chairman got peppered with “Do your job!” chants at a recent town hall with his constituents in Utah because there is a fat orange grifter currently in the White House.

And while Chaffetz took it and kept a dialogue going during the event, he later called the booing and jeering attendees paid protestors, which is a favorite line of the Trump administration when reacting to any opposition whatsoever.

That’s bad enough to make someone think Chaffetz had potentially lost his testicles in a horrible accident, or perhaps had his spine ripped out by a Predator. But with the recent resignation of national security adviser Michael Flynn, who was committing some wanton acts of treason with the Russian government before Trump was officially in office (and most likely during the election), Chaffetz now has a golden opportunity to, yes, do his job.

Right off the bat, though, the congressman once again made sure everyone knew he was as barren down below as a brand-new Ken doll by choosing not to investigate Flynn, saying the situation is “taking care of itself.” As of right now, the entire House seems dead set on looking the other way at literally everything Trump and his merry band of buffoons do until they can secure some tax cuts for the rich and maybe kill a few people by certainly bungling a future healthcare overhaul.

Chaffetz’s own ineptitude is understandable, as he was dying to get Barack Obama impeached and couldn’t contain his excitement to see Hillary Clinton be president just so he could inundate her with investigations throughout her time in office. So you know he’s got to be at least a little disappointed. Not to mention he is fairly tied up right now investigating cartoon characters.

But hey, he’s starting to get curious about Trump talking about national security matters right in the middle of his Mar-a-Lago restaurant in front of members, so maybe Chaffetz really will eventually remember where he left those nuts of his.



Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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