Inscription on Twin Towers Keychain Reminds Teen to Never Forget Keys

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MADISON, Wis. – Recalling that she had left them by the microwave this time, 15-year-old Rebecca Halderman told reporters Friday that she rarely misplaces her keys now, thanks to the words “Never Forget” inscribed on her Twin Towers keychain.

“It’s pretty clever to put a reminder like that on something easily forgotten,” she remarked.  “I saw it at a yard sale next to some CDs with actor Will Smith on the cover. Who knew he was a rap artist!”

Halderman noted that the bottom of the towers had been engraved with the number for 9-1-1.  “I’m guessing that could be for emergencies, but 9-1-1 is so deeply ingrained into my memory. I can’t imagine not knowing something that significant.”

“Either way, it’s a beautiful keychain,” Halderman continued. “I’d love to visit this place sometime and see what other helpful products they make.”



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