Trump Spends Most of Shinzo Abe Meeting Describing Daughter’s Breasts to Translator

Donald Trump Shinzo Abe

NEW YORK – President-elect Donald Trump held his first meeting with a head of state Thursday night, sitting down with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and spending most of the 90 minutes describing his daughter Ivanka’s breasts to Abe’s translator.

“Those are really some tremendous cans, believe me,” Trump said while pointing to his daughter across the room, as Abe listened to his translator and nodded. “If she weren’t my daughter, let me tell you, I’d be doing a whole lot more than just staring.”

Ever the respectful diplomat, Abe would allow Trump to finish his tangents before engaging the next American president on the future relationship of the two countries. But Trump would often interrupt the discussion, and at one point told the story of “a friend of mine who once dated his daughter for a few months and, you know, no one really raised a stink about it.”

When it came to policy matters, Trump was mum before ending the meeting by telling Abe, “You guys should get some nukes.”



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