Headlines From Major News Outlets Upon Aliens Visiting Earth

Aliens on CNN


Alien Mother Ships Materialize Over Major Cities, Malaysian Jetliner Missing

Fox News

Obama’s Weakness Invites Alien Invasion, Aliens Admire Trump


Aliens Here to Meet Obama, Stop Trump


Aliens Hover, Stocks Move Sideways

Fox Business

If Global Warming is So Bad, Why are Aliens Trying to Loot Our Atmosphere?


Coverage of Senate Budget Committee Meeting

CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley

Aliens Said to Watch Big Bang Theory

World News Tonight with David Muir

Aliens Said to Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live

The 11th Hour with Brian Williams

Aliens Said to Watch HBO’s Girls

Your Local News

Find Out Who Might Be Your Intergalactic Overlord; Sports and Weather After the Break



Michael Maiello

Author: Michael Maiello

Michael Maiello is a New York City-based author and playwright. His work as appeared in Esquire, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, The Awl and McSweeney's, among other places. Twitter: @michaelmaiello

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