How You Found Robot Butt: October 2016 Edition

Boy at Computer

Here at Robot Butt, we respect the quest for knowledge. With that in mind, here is a completely unedited list of some of the most insightful search terms that brought people to Robot Butt in October:

  • queen elizabeth butt
  • robots getting ass
  • time travel to stop trump
  • why is mike pence always squinting?
  • valentine did not deserve to go home
  • why do humans think aliens will prove them in the ass
  • thanksgiving dinner farts
  • ghost of a black man
  • elves are not lewd
  • poop with door open
  • space jam butt
  • testicles in vice
  • pudding factory
  • will the simpsons ever end
  • hot looking penis
  • bill clinton oval office chair
  • ross and rachel are a terrible couple
  • nude learning
  • can cousin smooch
  • cool middle finger pics
  • does sylvester stallone masturbation
  • types of male nipples
  • king henry viii instagram
  • who didn’t vote for ken griffey jr
  • finger in nose
  • food you can fuck
  • furry butt
  • guy butt open for poop
  • pumpkin spice trump
  • jurassic park black man dick
  • lewd elf
  • john cena dangerous photo
  • bite dick
  • middle finger thoughts
  • mike pence gay conversion therapy
  • nasa admits face on mars
  • miranda kerr armpits



Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

Steve is an editor for Robot Butt. You can follow him on Twitter @steve_dimatteo.

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