12 Uses for Your Expensive Headphones Once You Get an iPhone 7

Expensive Headphones

The new iPhone 7 doesn’t have a traditional headphone jack, so what in the world are you supposed to do with those incredibly expensive headphones you just bought but can’t return because you threw out the receipt and couldn’t find it after digging around in the dumpster for hours?

Lucky for you, those headphones still have plenty of uses:

  • Bulky cable tie for your other wired headphones
  • On-the-go Skip-It toy for that essential fill of ‘90s nostalgia
  • Fruit portioning cups for when you go on a diet
  • Avant-garde chandelier base for impressing your dinner guests
  • Pillowed bird’s nest for giving your parakeet the life of luxury it deserves
  • Minimalistic arch for your pet hamster’s wedding
  • Rockin’ eye visor for the first step in becoming the next member of Daft Punk
  • Upturned mustache for perfecting your Super Mario costume
  • Nunchucks and lasso for every time the ninja life takes hold of you
  • Transformable alphabet letter for teaching your child c, n, u, o, q, and the power of improvisation
  • Retro nursery mobile for acquainting your babies with the life of the past



Alane Lim

Author: Alane Lim

Alane Lim is a materials science student based in Chicago. In her free time, she writes satire, science articles and anime reviews. She is currently taking classes with Second City. Follow her on Twitter @thisisalane.

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