100 Words or Less: On Donald Trump

Donald Trump Disgusting

Donald Trump is a meme from your uncle’s computer come to life, an oversized sack of medical waste someone put a tie on, Freddy Krueger’s drinking buddy in the Dream World, a particularly stout scarecrow covered in Naugahyde, a grown man experiencing the “terrible twos,” the creation of God’s fuck-up of a brother Todd, a homunculus made from old pumpkin innards, the creature in all of Woody Guthrie’s nightmares, Dr. Moreau’s third try at a pigman, a vat of substandard hot dog meat, an adult in a Roald Dahl book, a circus carny with even a shred of power.



David Mogan

Author: David Mogan

David Mogan has joined Robot Butt to be on the right side of history. ALL HAIL OUR MECHANICAL OVERLORDS.

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