Woman Experiences Uncomfortable Silence in Her Head

Woman Uncomfortable Silence

EVANSTON, Ill. – Earlier today, local 24-year-old Lisa Paretti suffered through the ordeal of being left alone with her conscience when the chatter of her girlfriends died down for a few seconds, leading her to experience a moment of uncomfortable silence in her head.

“Last time I found myself alone with myself, it got pretty awkward. To ease things over I took myself out to get a drink and the sweet thoughtless bliss that followed the ten tequila shots thankfully took care of the situation,” Paretti said while mulling over possible icebreakers to prepare for any such unfortunate encounters in the future.

“It’s tough to come up with conversation topics, we aren’t that close, you know? Plus I need to stay away from any hot button issues like politics, religion etc. What if we have some serious differences of opinions? Who the fuck knows what she really thinks?” Lisa deliberated.

At press time, Lisa was seen trying to suppress a feeling of anxiety, which had set in when she realized that she can never really run away from herself in such fateful moments of solitude.



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