A Look at the Leaked Schedule of Events for This Year’s Trump Organization Picnic

Donald Trump Pork

  • Promotional Trump-Branded Native American Headdress Giveaway
  • Pin the Penis on the Blacked-Out Co-Ed
  • Caricature Artist Draws What Your Aborted Fetus Would Have Looked Like
  • Conversion Therapy: The Ride
  • Bullfighting With Harpoons and Male Orcas
  • Unused iPads Bonfire
  • Elephant Ears Made From Real Elephants
  • Crafts Table: Homemade Minstrel Puppets
  • A Six-Hour Set by Hank Williams, Jr.
  • Hot Dog-Eating Contest



Jessica Taylor Price

Author: Jessica Taylor Price

Jessica Taylor Price is a writer originally from Chicago, but please don’t ask her about their sports teams. She got her BA in English from the University of Chicago and an MA in English from Brandeis, and has also taken courses at the Second City in Chicago, which is why she isn’t out making money somewhere. Jessica lives in Cambridge, MA with her husband and their beloved hamster, Coin. Follow her on Twitter @infinitejessp.

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