Political Facebook Post Swings Millions of Voters

Political Facebook Post

SAN FRANCISCO – In an unprecedented turn of events during an unprecedented campaign, local resident Shawn Gromek’s passionate, politically charged post on Facebook has reportedly swung millions of voters for November’s presidential election.

According to reports, Gromek essentially took three headlines regarding the presidential candidates and shared them to his Facebook friends. He then added a personal opinion about how hard it is to believe that a major party leader could be so foolish. The plea for support was met with near universal acclaim.

“I’ve posted my own feelings about the election before,” said Christine BeLisle, who took Economics 131 with Gromek in 2003, “but it never really amounted to any support the way his post did. It’s really impressive.”

Some Facebook users have reached their wit’s end with the overuse of the platform as an arena for publicly arguing about politics. “Everyone I know argues about the election and no one is willing to actually learn about either candidate,” expressed a frustrated voter who has yet to convince anyone to see things her way. “I don’t even know why I post my opinion anymore,” she wrote on her Facebook page, which received no reactions or comments.

Another Gromek supporter, Martin Shea, was more straightforward. “He struck a chord. Millions of posts have said the same things about these candidates. But Shawn went out there and took a stand. Sure, he said the same things as everyone else, but he struck a chord.”

At press time, Gromek was Shea prepared to share a meme that would effectively end the debate over athletes kneeling during the national anthem.



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