The Hottest Holiday Toys Endorsed by Olympic Hero Ryan Lochte

Ryan Lochte Thumbs Up

Lochtinator Transformer

Quickly transform the strong, athletic swimmer Ryan Lochte into a toolbox.

Easy Bake Oven Fudge-the-Truth Fudge

Create your own half-baked chocolate mess! Serve the fudge to your mom, so she can share it with reporters, just like Ryan did!

Rio Olympics Domino Rings

Spend 32 years setting up these dominoes into a pattern of five interlocking Olympic rings, but be careful!! All that hard work could topple to the ground in the time it takes to say the words “Our taxi was pulled over by men pretending to be police officers who robbed us at gunpoint.”

Paint by Number: False Police Statements

Paint a vivid picture of Ryan Lochte’s false statement to the Rio police, and then paint over it to create a new picture of his revised story!

Choose Your Own Adventure: The Gas Station Guys

What happens to buddies Ryan, Jimmy, Jack and Gunnar at a gas station in Brazil? The book includes blank pages to write your own ending, just like they did!

Stackable Swim Team Bath Toys

Stack your superstar swimmer Ryan on the backs of his younger teammates Jimmy, Jack and Gunnar and see how long it takes to push their heads underwater. Then activate Ryan’s emergency jet pack, so he can suddenly fly away to leave his teammates floating in really hot water.

Hasbro’s Family Board Game I Over-Exaggerated!

This is the popular companion game to “Sorry.” Travel around the board from Brazil back to the United States. Win the game by leaving your friends behind in Brazil, and remember, don’t say you’re sorry. Say “I over-exaggerated!” like Ryan did!

Dance Dance Absolution for Wii, PS4 & Xbox One

Dancing away your sins has never been so much fun! Join character Ryan Lochte as he “dances with the stars” to hit songs. See if you can ultimately distract everyone from the fact that you totally lied! Also, this game is great cardio in case you you need to run from protesters that ambush you after you dance!

Laura Sams

Author: Laura Sams

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