It Only Took Us Eight Years to Not Talk About Michelle Obama’s Appearance

Michelle Obama

On Monday, July 25, 2016, Michelle Obama addressed the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, and by Tuesday many Americans were talking about it. Extraordinarily for us, however, is that this wasn’t the standard FLOTUS fuss about how she looked. Instead the internet was abuzz about her words. And more specifically, the message that she delivered from those words. Alert: Progress ahead!

It was in 2008 that most of the country met Michelle Obama, and understood her to be a famous woman. Flash forward just eight short years to a few days after her 2016 DNC speech, and we as a modern nation are already acknowledging more than her appearance. Pat yourselves on the back, fellow Americans. We have truly made giant social strides!

This is a clear demonstration of advancement indeed! Take, for example, American redhead Julianne Moore. Moore was an accomplished and masterful actress of 30 years before she refused to show off her manicure at the 2015 Screen Actors Guild awards. Just last year she had to beg America to #AskHerMore. But now that we’ve stepped into contemporary America, where women are treated with respect, we are not talking about Michelle’s nails (as if anything could top her greige Richard Blanch lacquer from the 2012 DNC anyway!) and she didn’t even have to ask us.

“This, right now, is the greatest country on Earth,” said FLOTUS in her now-viral speech. And boy, is this national response proving her right. Case in point: in a vast country where there is still a 21% gender wage gap, and where it’s more difficult to obtain birth control than a pizza box made out of pizza, it took less than a decade for us to celebrate Michelle for her astute ideas over her leaderly triceps, which are quite tolerably toned and tight for a 52 year-old employed woman. Good for us!

And if you’re still unimpressed (which would not make sense, because this is herstory, people!) know that she has even received praise from the Twitter account of the President of the United States. That’s right, Barack Obama himself lauded Michelle’s thoughts on the most succinct social media platform. He called his wife and her speech incredible, rather than praised her stunning outfit, an understated cobalt silk crepe dress by Christian Siriano, with a neat waist that says “I went to Princeton” and a flared skirt that says “Princeton is in New Jersey.” We are leading the world by example.

So while congratulations are certainly in order for the First Lady for the remarkably powerful speech she delivered at the DNC, let’s not forget to congratulate ourselves as a progressive nation that (eventually) listens to women. We have much to be proud for, as this is a true testament to the seismic impact of our liberal Democratic party. Now, fellow superstars, go! Heed these miraculous words from FLOTUS. Let’s do what we can to ensure that the next president of our great country is Bill Clinton’s wife of 40 years!



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