John Hinckley Demoralized at State of Republican Party

John Hinckley

WASHINGTON – Following news of would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley Jr.’s pending release from a psychiatric hospital, the Associated Press received a statement from Hinckley reading in part, “I’m glad to finally be fit for society, but this is the society I get? Jesus, what did you guys do?”

Hinckley’s letter detailed that he’s only been able to follow the news “sporadically,” but that he couldn’t believe real estate magnate Donald Trump was given a TV show, let alone a major party presidential nomination.

“What happened? This isn’t the Republican party I tried to decimate 35 years ago,” Hinckley stated.

In one portion of the letter Hinckley admitted he asked to remain in his psychiatric facility upon news of the Trump nomination, but was told by one doctor, “You don’t get off that easy. We’re all in this together.”

Closing the letter, Hinckley stated “I can’t even imagine what Jodie Foster would want me to do now,” before revealing that he couldn’t in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton.



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