12 Simple Ways to Show That You, a Very White Woman, Support Black Lives Matter

Millennial Woman

1. Click “love” instead of “like” on Facebook posts decrying racial injustice.

2. Donate $5 to Black Lives Matter. Now brag about donating to Black Lives Matter.

3. Attend a BLM rally or protest and offer your services as a chant leader. When someone else leads, kindly tell them how much activism experience you got being in the drum circle at Occupy Wall Street between shifts at your unpaid New York internship.

4. Actually listen to the struggles of people of color in their dealings with law enforcement, nod, and quote the Macklemore lyric it reminds you of.

5. Call Adrienne, your only black friend, as soon as you get up and proclaim that you’re WOKE AF.

6. Introduce yourself to the predominantly black cleaning crew at your office, tell them you voted for Obama twice, go in for a dap, and exit doing the moonwalk.

7. Send Adrienne this list just to be super super sure it’s not offensive, even though it’s like totally not…I mean she gets it, right?

8. Turn up Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” while next to a black family at a stop light and sing along extra loud. Make sure they notice that your voice drops out every time Lamar says the n-word, wink, and drive through that red light, because you are one ghetto-ass bitch.

9. Sit right next to a black woman in an otherwise empty coffee shop to show you aren’t afraid of her. Stare at her until she makes eye contact, and throw up a black power fist. Slowly mouth, “Beyonce,” and do not blink.

10. Ask the same woman – her name is Isabel, which surprised you – if she’ll watch your purse while you go to the bathroom. Leave it open with your wallet on top to show how much you trust her.

11. Track down those cleaning crew guys on their lunch break to say how much you loved “Hamilton,” and if they’re interested, you would totally sell them the extra tickets you got for next month at only face value. Which is a sacrifice because you could easily get twice that by scalping them, but you’re down for the cause.

12. Actually ask before touching Adrienne’s hair.



Erica Lies

Author: Erica Lies

Erica Lies is a writer and comedian in Austin, Texas. Her non-fiction work has appeared in Splitsider, Bitch, Rookie Mag, and The Hairpin.

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