Aryan is a Popular Baby Name in 2016 So Maybe the Earth Should Just Close Up Shop

Newborn baby boy

Nameberry tracks the popularity of baby names based on on-site searches for particular names. In the first half of 2016, one boy name has rocketed up 49 places in the overall rankings to essentially become the hottest name of the year for parents-to-be.

Know what that name is?


And here we thought Donald Trump brought nothing to the table. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee is giving expecting white supremacists the courage to consider the name Aryan for their baby boys, ensuring they grow up as fine pillars of white society. If Trump actually becomes president, I don’t think anything will stop racists from tattooing a giant “88” design on their babies the day they’re born.

The saving grace, though, is that though many people are potentially interested in naming their children Aryan, the name only ranks at number 697 on the official list of popular names in the United States (right now, we need to be more concerned that parents are naming their boys Jaxon). That still means parents are out there naming their kids Aryan, and if things go Trump’s way this November, expect Aryan, Adolf, Mengele and WhitePower to eventually fill the top ten list of baby names for 2016.



Steve DiMatteo

Author: Steve DiMatteo

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