Hot New Pop-Up Concepts Experienced on My Recent Trip Back From New York

New York City Skyline Manhattan

For the attention of the New York Times Styles section:

Pop-up acute skin irritation on elbow.

Pop-up cabbie who says he wishes he “had a gun for everyone.”

Pop-up food court sandwich at LaGuardia.

Pop-up businessman who won’t stop talking to me.

Pop-up turbulent flight of death.

Pop-up vomit-smelling baggage claim.

Pop-up woman screaming about Julia Roberts.

Pop-up attempt to find car in parking garage.

Pop-up very little gas in car.

Pop-up extremely dusty house.

Pop-up unheralded arrival of Pottery Barn Teen on my doorstep.

Pop-up musty smell with unknown source.

Pop-up lots of dog hair on rug.

Pop-up sizeable dead roach.

Pop-up phone call from the cable company.

Pop-up confusing, non-holiday fireworks.

Pop-up blisters on foot.

Pop-up Grantchester episodes.

Pop-up lack of food in the fridge.

Pop-up just old chicken salad.

Pop-up dried crust on top.

Pop-up plague.

Pop-up funeral.


Susan Harlan

Author: Susan Harlan

Susan Harlan is an English professor at Wake Forest University and a writer, and her work has appeared in venues including McSweeney's, Internet Tendency, The Awl, The Toast, The Guardian US, The Billfold, Avidly, and The Establishment.

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