Jakob Dylan Still in Need of Headlight Replacement

Jakob Dylan

LOS ANGELES – Though he’s been the creative force behind seven studio albums, and has spent over two decades in the music industry, Jakob Dylan admitted Thursday he still hasn’t fixed his right headlight.

“In the old days it was all about time, going venue to venue,” Dylan said. “But now it’s just what money I have is better spent elsewhere. It’s on the list, though.”

Dylan acknowledged that the car in question, the same 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier he wrote about in the hit single “One Headlight,” requires a number of improvements and may not in fact be “street legal.” Repairs needed in addition to the right headlight include new shocks, brake pads, a rear windshield, both outside mirrors and “something to stop the electrical system from shorting out every 20 minutes.”

“My dad offered to cover it but I told him, ‘No, I gotta do this on my own.’ I think he respected that,” Dylan said. “I think.”

The singer has since created a Kickstarter called “One Headlight and a Few Other Necessary Repairs” and at press time had received a generous five-dollar donation from fan “Robert Zimmerman.”



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