Back of Wardrobe Reveals Old Ice Skates, Narnia

Narnia Wardrobe

NORWICH, Conn. – Visiting his uncle’s home for the first time since childhood, David Millburn was surprised to discover a pair of ice skates he’d worn decades prior, along with the mystical kingdom of Narnia, at the back of an antique wardrobe.

“I was just cleaning out some things for uncle Harold and was immediately transported back in time,” Millburn said. “It’s funny how nostalgia can do that to you. Seeing those ice skates, a couple of old coats, oh, and that talking lion – man, brings back memories.”

The wardrobe, Millburn said, proved to be a veritable treasure trove for him, with additional discoveries including a metal detector, tackle box, swashbuckling rodent, bag of marbles and a sense of wonder and awe brought on by the divine presence of magic.

“I haven’t seen that Mickey Mouse lunch box in nearly thirty years,” Millburn said. “And that Mr. Tumnus guy was pretty cool, too.”

Asked about Millburn’s discoveries, uncle Harold Millburn said he didn’t have time to discuss them as he needed to check the other side of a looking glass for his spectacles.


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