John Oliver EVISCERATES Donald Trump, Skins Him Alive in Front of Live Audience


NEW YORK – Comedian John Oliver continued his streak of taking on national headlines in a hard-hitting way last night, when he literally eviscerated Donald Trump on his HBO program Last Week Tonight. Oliver, who went on a devastating attack of Trump’s lack of foreign policy knowledge, ended the segment by flaying the presidential candidate in front of his live studio audience.

This is just the latest in a string of devastating bits the late night host has produced. Last week, Oliver destroyed the militarization of local police by bulldozing 20 different police stations. The week prior, he delivered biting criticism of the nation’s obesity epidemic by literally biting into Guy Fieri and eating him alive.

Despite the praise the host has received for his brutal attacks, Oliver refuses to rest on his laurels. In a teaser released on the show’s Facebook page, Oliver announced he would annihilate Wall Street corruption in his next segment by dropping a nuke on Wall Street.



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