Podcast Would Be Better With Video

Podcast with Video

ARLINGTON – Self-proclaimed pop culture aficionado Craig Bellows declared today that most, if not all, of his favorite podcasts would be improved if they appeared with video.

“I’m a pretty cultured guy. I like my WTF as much as I like my Radiolab and Comedy Bang! Bang!,” Bellows said. “But from time to time, I think, why not just include some video? I would love it if they opened with a monologue, included some guests, and did their normal commercials, only they show me what’s going on.”

Bellows has been following the podcast circuit since 2010, when he became a fan of Bullseye with Jesse Thorn. He says he loves the laid-back feel and thinks the featured segments are great.

“I just really want to see what their doing, sometimes,” Bellows said. “When Jesse [Thorn]’s guests are laughing along with him, I’d like to see it. Maybe put him behind a desk, and the people appearing could sit on a couch next to him. I’m just spit balling here, but you could definitely throw in a house band and that would be some kind of podcast right there.”

Bellows was quick to point out that he doesn’t only listen to interview-format podcasts. Narratives can hold his attention as well, but are lacking without video accompaniment.

“Have you ever listened to Welcome to Nightvale? Imagine if that show were live action!” Bellows said. “A kooky town with all kinds of crazy characters interacting, with very little resolution, but strong themes? You could even get a guy like David Lynch to direct it. I’d watch the hell out of that.”



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