Lady Doctor Good Too

Lady Doctor Good Too

DALLAS – After a checkup with a new primary care physician, local resident James Norris was relieved to find that a lady doctor can be good, too.

“At first I was a little nervous since women are generally known to have smaller heads and thus smaller brains,” Norris said. “And I was a little off put when she didn’t curtsy, or demurely avoid eye contact with me, but you could tell she really did her best, and it showed!”

But it wasn’t just physical differences that Norris was worried about, citing a concern that a woman’s natural tendency to gossip may raise patient privacy concerns. “Back in high school, girls were constantly making fun of me behind my back,” he said. “They’d talk about my acne, my weird posture, or that time I got lice. So I was pretty sure this girl-doctor would be the same, but she seemed to take privacy seriously, which was really cute.”

“I’m just concerned about who’s looking after her kids if she’s here at the clinic,” Norris added.

The American Medical Association recently confirmed Norris’ anecdotal report with the release of a 15-year study in which clinical trials confirmed that lady doctors are equally effective as their male counterparts and are generally “ten times more adorable in their little white jackets.”



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