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I’m back from the depths of the web for another installment of everyone’s favorite time-destroying game, Unexpected Internet Rabbit Holes. Since we last spoke, I’ve been trying to climb out of the digital sinkhole that is TV Tropes and after a few weeks of trying, I think I’m back on flat ground.

This time, we’re going to go over the absolute bonkers genre, subgenre and styles lists found over at AllMusic. Do you want to learn more about Children’s Rock, Pop or Folk? What about finding the newest artist to come out on the Techno-Tribal New Age circuit? Maybe Illbient is your genre of choice, but you’re worried that DJ Spooky was the only one left in the game. Don’t worry, All Music is here to answer all questions and provide all of your apparently niche subgenre taste recommendations.

Seriously though, if you have a day or two, take some time and peruse the page over at AllMusic. Not only is it fun to tell your friends that you’re now on a strictly Nyahbinghi Reggae kick, and that all other forms are inferior, but you might just learn something, too. For example, until moments ago, I had no idea that the form of blues known colloquially as “Jump Blues” helped bridge the gap between older forms of blues and the better-known big-band-type of blues in the 1940’s. I swear, if you don’t learn something new every day…

Until this point, you probably weren’t aware that you wanted to know the difference between Ska Revival, Ska-Punk and 3rd Wave Ska (just kidding, it is an important cultural touchstone that you would do well to understand), but All Music comes through with some well-written posts regarding traditions, touchstones and popular artists in each of those respective genres. Now I’ve got The Specials discography on shuffle-repeat, and will be listening to this intently for the next week or so. Thanks, AllMusic!

So, like most UIRH’s, if you have some time, let your cursor slide on over. At the very least you can find a new subgenre to either make fun of, or obsess over, and maybe have something new to talk about over dinner. I personally can’t wait to impress my friends with my intense knowledge of the Canterbury scene.

If you need me, I’ll be in the Internet.



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