Wow! This Artist Reimagined the Disney Princesses as Piles of Dog Poop!

Disney Princesses

Gabriel Sanchez is a Los Angeles-based artist who is known for putting ultra-creative spins on pop culture. And sure, we’ve seen the Disney princesses reimagined before, but never like this!

Sanchez has really taken his game to a whole new level here – he’s reimagined the Disney princesses as piles of dog feces. Unreal!

Check out a few of our favorites below!

He NAILED Ariel!

Ariel Dog Poop


Amazing. We’re never going to see Jasmine in the same way again!

Jasmine Dog Poop


Honestly, it’s crazy how perfect this one of Belle really is.

Belle Dog Poop


Are you serious?! We totally prefer this amazing version of Mulan!

Dog Poop Mulan


This one of Cinderella takes the cake. Get it, girl!

Dog Poop Cinderella



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