Leap Day Squandered Like Any Other

Leap Day Wasted

PITTSBURGH – Excitement is high and the possibilities are endless with Leap Day upon us once again. And as the world gathers to celebrate its once-every-four-years extra day, local investment manager Jerry Banks is gearing up to for another Monday in his office.

“I don’t know if I’d say I have big plans exactly,” Banks said. “I’ve got a client briefing in the afternoon and I think Dunkin’ Donuts might be having some sort of deal, so I might stop there.”

Banks isn’t the only one with an exciting schedule today, though. Leap Day fever has also infected Bennigan’s waitress Jane Traeger.

“I considered doing my laundry, but I think I can go another day or two,” explained Traeger. “So I’ll probably go home, browse Netflix for an hour, then finally settle on another run through of Parks & Recreation.”

Leap Day birthdays are also being celebrated this year, and excitement for the special day is at a peak for one special birthday girl, Mae Chase. “Usually I celebrate on March 1, so I’ll probably just do that again this year to keep it simple for everyone,” Chase said. “Since it’s my birthday, I also need to renew my license plates, so I imagine I’ll spend a few hours down at the DMV.”

Meanwhile, unemployed school bus driver Hank Beason planned to get in the spirit by sleeping through most of the day, as he has done for several months. “I like to keep Leap Day in my heart all year ’round,” he said.



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