Railroad Track Takes Pounding as Engineers Run a Train on It

Running a Train

WICHITA, Kan. – A local railroad track was reported to have received a significant pounding this week as a group of engineers ran a train on it. Despite being made from a reinforced steel alloy, the track in question found itself weak and quivering following the event.

The engineers responsible for the train say they all love riding the rails and that doing so always gets their juices flowing. “That’s what this track was made for,” one engineer said. “It was just lying there, begging for it.”

Another engineer believes that though railroad infrastructure continues to decay, upkeep isn’t of chief concern when running a train. “Sure, these old rails get a little dirty sometimes – the longer it goes between trains, the dirtier it gets – but that doesn’t stop us,” he said. “We always get the job done.”

And while the men agree that things can occasionally get a little rough, they say there’s nothing better than a long, hard rail session, so they see no end in sight.

“This isn’t unusual, really,” said chief engineer William Herdon. “Hell, we run trains on these tracks several times a week. Mostly it’s for profit, but sometimes we just go to town.”



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