Baseball Furies, Episode 2: 2016 Season Preview

Baseball Furies

The Furies are back with episode two of their inaugural season! Listen to the boys ramble on about their 2016 predictions, their opinions on the Hall of Fame votes, some disgustingly dank ballpark food and more.

A new episode of Baseball Furies means more games, more shit-talking and more slightly informed opinions. Daniel Murphy, we stand by our comments.

Baseball Furies

Episode 02 :: 2016 Season Preview

[00:00:30] Pre-Game :: Lineups

[00:01:30] 1st Inning :: Pre-season Transactions

[00:27:43] 2nd Inning :: 2016 Predictions

[00:58:28] 3rd Inning :: Hall Of Fame

[01:10:29] 4th Inning :: Old-Timey Report

[01:22:31] 5th Inning :: Minor League Aesthetics

[01:32:26] 6th Inning :: Fantasy Baseball

[01:44:01] 7th Inning :: Games

[02:02:24] STRETCH :: Ballpark Eats

[02:05:52] 8th Inning :: Rumor Mill

[02:11:38] 9th Inning :: Q&A

Intro: “Baseball Furies” by Valencia (

Outro: “Nolan Ryan” by Slugging Percentage (

Baseball Furies is: B. Isaac Hamilton, B. Joseph Jackson, and J. M. Pearson. Remember, you can get in touch with the boys on Twitter @FuriousBaseball and through email at They’re ever-vigilant for your comments, questions and concerns.



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