Obama Politely Accepts 300 Million Presidents Day Macaroni Pictures

President's Day

WASHINGTON – President Obama graciously accepted more than 300 million handmade macaroni pictures from citizens across the nation this Presidents Day.

Bush President's DayMany of the cards depicted the president in some of the most historic moments of his presidency, from him throwing a punch at the conservative members of the Supreme Court during the Affordable Care Act hearings to Mr. Obama personally gunning down Osama bin Laden with bullets made of macaroni pieces.

Assuring the nation that each and every card meant a lot to him, the president took a few moments to read some of his favorites at a press briefing this morning.

“This is one of my personal favorites,” the president said, referring to a picture of him standing victoriously on top of a pile of dead corporate polluters.

Perhaps the most notable card was from former President George W. Bush, depicting a cowboy hat-wearing Bush walking arm-in-arm into the sunset with Mr. Obama.



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