Desperate Meat Loaf Finally Does ‘That’ for Love

Meat Loaf

Although adamant for more than two decades that he would never do “that” for love, famed singer Meat Loaf conceded this week that he’d recently changed his position.

“You get to a point in your life where things look a little different,” the singer stated. “I mean, I’m 68. If you’re with someone you care about but something needs to change, suddenly ‘that’ doesn’t seem like such a big deal anymore.”

This reversal surprises not just fans of the singer, but industry insiders as well, with many claiming it was well known within music circles that “that” was expressly off the table.

Jim Steinman, Meat Loaf’s longtime composer and lyricist, elaborates: “He used to go on for hours about how he wouldn’t do ‘that,’ no matter what girl he was with at the time. But that wasn’t all. In our original drafts of the song, he really pushed for ‘this, that, or the other weird shit’ but I thought we should simplify it a bit. So for him to cave on it, things must be pretty rocky.”

According to reports, though he was reluctant to embrace the change, Meat Loaf has been happy with the decision, calling “that” “not so bad” and “eye-opening.”

Asked to comment on what “that” was, the singer said, “Pegging, okay? It’s pegging.”



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