Anne Frank Museum Unveils New Lisa Frank Exhibit

Lisa Frank Exhibit in Anne Frank Museum

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam will open its new Lisa Frank exhibit this Saturday.

According to museum officials, the exhibit will be a retelling of Anne Frank’s haunting Holocaust story through the eyes of SparkleSass, a precocious young unicorn who fancies herself a writer.

Museum visitors will first walk the troubled path of SparkleSass and her family, all of whom are persecuted for being too colorful, as the radical ideals in the Rainbow Mountain brew to a boiling point. Next, visitors get a peek at SparkleSass’ secret hideout in the depths of the Sunshine Stables before following her to Camp Concentration, which is chock-full of super mean unicorn bullies.

“We had a lot of fun with this whimsical retelling of a mass extermination,” says the exhibit’s associate creative director Cher Lindsbergstein.

She adds that the exhibit is designed to engage visitors with interactive elements. “It’s hard to nail down a favorite, but I’m partial to the scratch-and-sniff station over in the Sunshine Stables,” Lindsbergstein said. “Our team used real human feces and tears to bring the smells to life. I couldn’t be more proud.”

In another part of the exhibit, Lindsbergstein says visitors can write their own harrowing diary entries, just like SparkleSass and Anne Frank, in the Gelling Thru the Genocide interactive, co-branded with Gel Penz International.

The Lisa Frank exhibit will last from February 6 through April 14. Officials say the first 20 million guests will receive free Star of David temporary tattoos upon admittance.



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