100 Words or Less: On ‘The X-Files’ Revival

X Files Reboot

Agents Mulder and Scully are back at it again, using taxpayer dollars to investigate leprechauns or Klingons or some other kind of horseshit. And don’t forget that the evilest man in the world is a smoker. Big surprise, Hollywood.

You want a government conspiracy? I got one for you. It’s called OBAMACARE. Wake up, you liberal sheep. Man, those Bundy boys know what’s up, I’ll tell you…

What’s that? Yeah, I’ll probably watch it. Hope the Flukeman’s in it. He’s cool.



David Mogan

Author: David Mogan

David Mogan has joined Robot Butt to be on the right side of history. ALL HAIL OUR MECHANICAL OVERLORDS.

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