NASA: Moon Not Made of Cheese, But How About the Sun?


ORLANDO – When man first walked on the moon in 1969, centuries of speculation were put to rest about the makeup of its surface. Contrary to popular myth, the moon was not made of cheese.

Nearly 50 years later, NASA has a new hypothesis regarding a different celestial being – the sun.

“We were as devastated as anyone when we learned the moon was not made of cheese, but we’re not letting it stop further research,” said Robert Cabana, director of the Kennedy Space Center.

“Have you ever thought about the sun?” Cabana continued. “What we know is that the sun is actually just a giant white ball of something. We also know many of the best cheeses are white: provolone, Swiss, mozzarella, feta, jack cheese, gruyere, mizithra, ricotta, parmesan, Asiago, queso blanco, manouri, sirene, Havarti, gouda, muenster, brie, gorgonzola, Neufchâtel, cottage cheese, cream cheese.

“The similarities are too striking to ignore.”

Further citing the qualities that bubbling fondue cheese and solar flares share, Cabana outlined NASA’s future plans for a manned mission to the sun.

“Buzz Aldrin hated eating moon rocks, but the experiments had to be done,” Cabana said. “We absolutely need to see what happens when you try to eat the sun. These are the discoveries that inspire people to become astronauts in the first place.”

This endeavor is part of NASA’s recent assertion that most of our solar system could, in fact, be edible. “Maybe that’s an onion ring around Saturn,” Cabana said. “We’ll never know until we get there.”



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