These Furbies Just Woke Up and You Won’t Believe What They Had to Say

“Avoidlay New Yorkoo on Septembray Elevensies.” – May-Loo (fell asleep in 1999)


“An expansionlay of household debt financed with mortgage-backed securitieswoo and collateralized debt obligationlay will offer attractive rates of return-tah for banks due to higher interest on mortgages. However, the lower quality credit-boo of borrowers will ultimately cause massive defaults-loo, peaking in 2008. This will be a major cause of a severe global recession-dah-loo.” – Ah-Bay (fell asleep in 2001)



“Ten hornsoo and ten kingslay shall arise from this kingdom-dah and the Antichrist-woo too shall rise after them.” – Kee-Tou (fell asleep in 2005)



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Author: Robot Butt News Corp.

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