25 Tips for Taking Care of Your Top Knot or Man Bun

Man Bun

1. Cut it off.

2. Get rid of it.

3. Cut it off and immediately apologize to your friends and family.

4. Cut if off.

5. Just cut it off.

6. Cut it off now.

7. Cut the whole thing off.

8. Cut it off and make sure it never comes back.

9. Cut it off and have your memory erased.

10. Stop brutally offending everyone around you and cut if off.

11. Burn it off your head.

12. Don’t be such a conspicuous asshole and cut it off.

13. Get rid of it immediately.

14. Cut if off.

15. Definitely cut it off.

16. Destroy it.

17. Cut it off.

18.¬†Get rid of it faster than you’ve ever done anything in your life.

19. Cut if off and spend the rest of your life trying to hide the fact that you once looked like this.

20. Hack it off with a machete.

21. Cut if off.

22. Cut it off and beg your god for forgiveness.

23. Get rid of it and make it your life’s mission to help others do the same thing.

24. Cut it off.

25. Cut it off. And if you still feel the overwhelmingly desire to look like a douchebag, wear a new hat backwards and leave the sticker on.



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Author: The Robot Butt Staff

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