8 Pictures of Dogs Whose Spirits Were Broken After Seeing Their Owners Have Sex

Dog Who Saw Owner Having Sex

Fluffy has seen how withholding her owner can be as a sexual partner, and now knows better than to trust him.

Dog Scared

No matter how hard he tries to move past it, Scooter will be forever haunted by his refusal to get off the twin bed while his owners had intercourse on it.


Dog Shamed

“I know now that nothing will ever cleanse me.”


Dog Petting

It’s especially hard for Sunny to enjoy his owner’s pets after watching her debase herself and “beg for a treat” like a common mutt.


Dog Shocked

Eddie’s perspective of the world and respect for his owner was shattered when he caught him face-deep in a butthole, the very practice for which Eddie has always been scolded.


Dog in Car

“Sure, he gets to sniff your crotch…”


Dog in Cage

Self-institutionalized after being driven mad, Peanut welcomes the cage in which he now calls home, despite deeply understanding the false, fleeting sense of safety and comfort it provides.


Dog Getting Treat

Rocky desperately wants a treat, but he’s seen where his owner’s hands have been, and even Rocky has standards.



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