Man Delighted to Find Netflix Having Another ‘Cheers’ Marathon

Netflix hosts Cheers Marathon

PITTSBURGH – After changing out of his work clothes, putting a frozen pizza in the oven and turning on his PlayStation 4 and television, Tom Baily was delighted to find that Netflix was having yet another Cheers marathon last Tuesday, starting at about 5:43 p.m. EST.

“What a treat!” Baily told reporters. “I get home from a long day at the office and just want to veg out. What do you know?! Netflix throws on another marathon of Cheers, my current favorite ’80s sitcom!”

Baily first acquired Netflix when his son, Brandon, went to college in 2008. Baily says his son shared with him his login information around that time, but it didn’t take at first.

“He didn’t know what to make of it at first,” Brandon said. “Dad was confused about all these new ‘channels’ he could watch, all playing rerun after rerun of shows he didn’t care about. So when I was home for break from school and saw that his favorite show was on Netflix, I made sure to put it first in his queue.”

Day after day, Baily remains blown away by the seemingly endless marathon of Cheers episodes.

“It’s almost like I keep picking up where I left off. What can I say? I’m a real sucker for those shenanigans Cliff, Norm and the rest of the gang get into,” he said. “Sometimes I can’t stop! Good thing there are exactly 275 episodes to keep my whistle wet. That’s over 100 hours of Cheers! Christ, that Diane is just the worst, though.”

At press time, Baily could be found asleep in his recliner, the words “Are you still watching Cheers?” prominent on his television screen.



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