6 Insanely Hot Pictures of Breadsticks That Will Make Your Penis Move


These breadsticks are looking pretty lubed up. Nice and slick, perfect for sliding into your mouth with no resistance.


Homemade breadsticks

There we go, that’s the good stuff. So close you can practically taste it. So close it’s taking everything in your power not to lock the doors, close the curtains and set aside a four-hour block of private time between you and these throbbing rods of baked bread.


Breadstick in Cheese

Holy shit, that’s nice. Are you sure you should be looking at this while at work? Your boss could come over any minute and see this. Fuck it. That makes it even better.


Breadstick Dipped in Sauce

Cover it. Cover it all. Smother it like it was the only job in the world you were ever meant to do.


Breadstick in Red Sauce

You thought you wouldn’t like something like this. You always heard it was taboo. But guess what? You love it more than you ever thought you could; now it’s the only thing you ever want to do. Push that breadstick in so deep you get lost in the possibilities.


Cheesy Breadstick




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