Typo Allows Police to Use Deadly Farce

Deadly Farce

The debate has been raging over the use of deadly force by police officers, but for one small city in Wisconsin, the fight has just started. A recent bill passed by the city council meant to clarify the acceptable use of deadly force by police officers has accidentally muddied the waters by making it legal for officers to use deadly farce in extreme situations.

While policy analysts suspect a typo, many council members have denied any chance of an accidental misspelling making it through a vote.

“I’ve been in politics a long time,” said Samuel Cunningham, a fifth-term council member. “And mistakes like this just don’t happen. If the bill says police can use deadly farce, then that’s what we meant.”

Though the policy has only been in place for a few weeks, early reports suggest that while shooting deaths are down, cases of citizens being joked to death have risen so sharply that there are fears of a city-wide laugh riot.



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