All Hail the Masturbation Warrior!

Tengaman Pleasuring

Thanks to Kotaku, I now know that Japan has a Hand Job Day – which is today! Happy Hand Job Day! But even better than the fact that Hand Job Day is even a thing is that it has its very own exciting mascot named Tengaman.

Tenga is the name of a company over there that creates masturbation toys, and Tengaman is their official “Masturbation Hero” or, even better, “Masturbation Warrior.”

As expected, there is some seriously good marketing around Tengaman and Hand Job Day, which has culminated in a nearly 18-minute movie where Tengaman does stuff like blow up a villain’s penis with a masturbation toy that looks like a cannon on his arm.

The video also has this:

Tengaman is Born

Tengaman kicks some serious ass in the short, which features better fight choreography than most superhero movies out there these days. And that villain whose penis Tengaman annihilates? He is a giant middle finger who is, according to the video subtitles, “King of Handjob.” King of Handjob also has a gang of skeleton cronies who will beat people off at his request (we all know there’s nothing more evil than a dry hand job).  So from the looks of it all, Tengaman has a very deep and rich backstory, and I think that warrants many more videos that delve into it.

Anyway, watch the video below and enjoy stuff like Tengaman using his powers to pleasure someone named Herbivorous Man Fujimoto or subtitles like “The legendary sperm will cum!” As the video says:

“The future of amazing ecstasy is waiting for us.”



Steve DiMatteo

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